Dying Light 2 release date includes good news and bad news for PS5 and Xbox Series X

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Dying Light 2 Release Date News (Image: TECHLAND)

Good and bad news awaits early adopters of Dying Light 2, which will be released in February 2022.

The fact that the game is finally on the shelves is the best news of all, with fans waiting years for the sequel.

Originally launched in 2015, Dying Light proved popular with gamers, selling well on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms, and receiving endless support from the development team.

Dying Light 2’s release date is set for February 4, 2022, and with nearly a seven-year wait, fans are discovering what else will be included in the new undead experience.

The big news confirmed today by developers Techland is that anyone who purchases the game on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X at no additional cost.

Other games don’t always have this feature and sometimes charge extra to follow this process without having to buy a new one.

But while this is a great announcement to make, other news has also been shared that isn’t so good to hear.

Gamers have also been told that when Dying Light launches in February, it won’t have cross-play support.

That means you’re stuck playing with friends who have the same consoles as you, with one minor difference.

Buying the game on Steam will allow you to play with other gamers who have purchased Dying Light 2 from the Epic Games Store.

But the crossplay features available in other games won’t be part of Dying Light 2 when it comes out next month.

A message from Techland confirms: “Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be offering a free PlayStation 5 upgrade to all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro users.

“Techland’s highly anticipated game will also support Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service. This will also allow all Xbox One players to upgrade their copy of the game to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for free.

“In addition to free upgrades for console players, Techland has also confirmed that cross-platform and cross-generation console co-op experience will not be available for Dying Light 2 Stay Human at launch.

“Cross-play between Steam and Epic Games Store will work once the game releases on February 4. Techland already teased that they will be supporting their new title for 5 years, so with this ambitious plan, we can expect a lot of exciting new content and expansions.”

Other Co-Op details confirmed today include:

In addition to the prologue, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is fully playable in co-op – this includes completing the game

All session guests can keep their won items and player progress

Important in-game choices are made by all players by voting, but it is the session host who has the final choice.

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