Blizzard Entertainment announced survival game in new universe

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It’s an interesting timing: Blizzard Entertainment announces out of the blue Twitter developing a new game.

A ‘survival game’ in a new universe, so separate from WarCraft, watch over and diablo (Especially since the next announced titles for the last two are still a long way off) it should be and come for PC and console here’s the conclusion that only the Xbox families will be happy with it….

Stylistically, fantasy seems to be back in fashion, but otherwise there is practically no further information, even about the coupled Job offerwhich is used to find developers.

What’s interesting, though, is what Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier says:

FWIW, even some of the most disgruntled Blizzard employees are excited about this game/team

— Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) January 25, 2022

At least it doesn’t sound that bad.

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