Steam Sale 2022: When is Steam Lunar New Year Sale? When is the next Steam sale?

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The start time of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale (Image: VALVE)

The Steam Lunar New Year is starting soon and will bring you some dazzling deals in the coming weeks.

The first major Steam sale of 2022 is slated to refresh the Valve Store with plenty of new deals, including leading publishers.

These range from the largest to the smallest games, including DLC ​​and expansions, as well as special cosmetic bundles.

Valve typically doesn’t announce the dates and start times for their next Steam sale in advance, but that doesn’t mean PC gamers haven’t figured out what happens next using other methods.

Leaks are the easiest way to determine when the next Steam Sale will start or by looking at past launch schedules. And like most months, we already have a pretty good idea for when the next Steam Sale starts.


Valve still hasn’t revealed its schedule, but leaks have already confirmed that the Steam Lunar New Year Sale will start on January 27.

Deals are expected to run through February 3, and there’s a good chance Valve will renew the lineup before the sale ends.

Based on the most recent events, the Steam Lunar New Year Sale start time is expected to be on Thursday at 6pm GMT.

Last year’s event included discounts on thousands of games and also featured new ways to change user profiles.

A message from Valve at the time explains: “Browse through recommendations and recommended sales titles by genre and theme, using tags to browse to the games that fit your favorite playstyle. Popular genres like Action and Adventure are just a starting point. make sure you don’t miss our collection of Co-Op games and more.

“Start the year off right with the Year of the Ox 2021 animation profile, mini profile, avatar frame and animated avatar. And for you who spend a lot, big bundles are now available in the points shop! Save 10% when purchasing a Points Shop bundle. Already have a few items in a bundle?

“You can even complete and save the set. We’ll start with a small set of bundles and will expand the list in the future. To celebrate the New Year, claim a free animated sticker each day of the sale, featuring this year’s zodiac sign: the Ox.”

More Steam Sales will launch later in the year, with the Steam Next Fest starting February 21, followed by the 2021 Golden Week Sale on April 29.

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