Tactics RPG Reverie Knights Tactics is now available

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Attention Tactical RPG fans: from now on you can embark on new adventures if you Reverie Knights Tactics agrees. You’ll find out with the new launch trailer – or with a Prologue demo that on Steam is available free of charge.

Reverie Knights Tactics is available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC for 24.99 euros. There are also German lyrics! And even a retail version for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Here you have to be patient until February 25th.

With “Tactics” in the title of course you prick up your ears, although it is of course just as generic as “Knights”. But names are known as smoke and mirrors.

Story-driven and turn-based

Reverie Knights Tactics is a story-driven RPG with turn-based combat on a classic 2D isometric grid. Your choices throughout the game should have a significant impact on the story and how your characters develop.

Embark on a journey to find Lennorien, the long-lost Elven City. She is threatened by the goblins who are spreading fear and terror across the continent. The adventure is told in visual novel style, your battles take place according to the classic tactical RPG recipe.

Reverie Knights Tactics launch trailer


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