The MMO shooting mobile game “Avatar” was launched overseas, which attracted heated discussions among European and American players. Made in China!

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GameLook report / In a recent report, GameLook mentioned that there will be a wave of national science fiction in the next few years, and this will also be the most important innovation opportunity in the game industry.

It can be seen that from “Endless Lagrange” to “Illusionary Tower” and “Honkai: Xingkong Railway”, domestic game manufacturers have already devoted themselves to the field of science fiction. Overseas, Funcom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent, also announced the new IP game “Dune: Spice Wars” under development.

In less than a month, another blockbuster sci-fi IP “Avatar” also officially announced the mobile game project, and announced that it will be officially launched in 2022.

Recently, the MMO shooting mobile game “AVATAR: Reckoning”, authorized by Cameron Studio and Disney, developed by Zulong Games, and distributed globally by Tencent Level Infinite, released the first real machine preview, and it has started in Canada from January 24th. Closed test.

Of course, the debut of AVATAR: Reckoning is naturally exciting. After all, even the official tweet of the movie “Avatar 2” personally posted: “Introduction, this is the debut of our new MMO shooting mobile game developed by Zulong Games.”

So, what about this “AVATAR: Reckoning” that has attracted worldwide fans and sci-fi fans?

The next-generation picture, restore the fantasy and beautiful Pandora

As an IP mobile game, especially in the face of a global super sci-fi IP such as “Avatar”, the degree of restoration must be the first.

But you must know that because the story takes place on the plant-infested planet Pandora, and the movie almost truly presents the landscape of the alien planet, whether it is a towering giant tree up to 900 feet, or a colorful and strange rainforest, or at night The animals and plants that emit splendid brilliance are also lifelike.

This means that it is obviously difficult to reproduce this series of classic scenes with high quality on mobile devices when the original movie Zhuyu is in front. Fortunately, based on the current performance, based on the powerful expressive power of Unreal Engine 4, “AVATAR: Reckoning” has indeed created a next-generation quality Pandora planet.

Not only has a near-complete re-engraving been achieved at the visual level, but even the original settings and details have also reached a high degree of restoration.

At the beginning of the game, Pandora’s iconic star-studded mountains floating in the air, or the Banxi beast that resembles a pterosaur, a viper wolf that resembles a hyena, and a lightning beast that looks like a lion, are also the same as in the original work. . Not only that, the layout of the human base after the protagonist wakes up; and the setting of the harsh environment of Pandora, where humans need to wear an air filter mask, etc., also restore the movie to the greatest extent.

Banxi beast, the top is the movie, the bottom is the game

It is worth mentioning that in the design of some plots, the game also restores the classic bridges in the movie. For example, in the movie, the heroine Nitri was about to shoot the hero with a bow and arrow, but was blocked by the seeds of the soul tree. After saving Jack after dark, the two gradually got to know each other.

In the game, the first meeting between the protagonist and the Na’vi also originated from bows and arrows. After the player leaves the base, they will encounter the first BOSS, the hammer-headed thunder beast similar to the rhinoceros. Later, the Na’vi rescued the protagonist from the hammer-headed thunder beast attack with bows and arrows, and the two sides really began to contact.

However, there are also some differences in the protagonist settings of the two sides. For example, the protagonist Jack in the movie is a former marine with paralyzed legs. In order to complete the unfinished career of his twin brother, he accepted a job in a mining company sent to the planet of Pandora.

On the other hand, in “AVATAR: Reckoning”, it originated from the fact that the parents of the protagonist who were investigators were attacked and disappeared by Banxi beasts. It was precisely in order to find their parents and uncover the truth, and finally decided to become “Avatar”.

Also in this process, players can freely create their own “Avatar” by pinching their faces through DIY. And later fight with the Na’vi defending their homeland, or alone against the RDA troops who snatch Pandora’s resources.

Shooting + X gameplay, widely praised by overseas players

In terms of gameplay, according to the official introduction, the game will have two modes of single-player and multi-player, including single-player story missions, cooperative missions and PvP modes. That is to say, players can not only challenge various unique creatures on the planet, but also engage in intense gunfights with RDA troops or players.

As far as the test video has been exposed so far, “AVATAR: Reckoning” is more like a regular shooting game, incorporating some action elements and adding a lot of MMO features.

For example, players can climb up by means of bars, similar to the climbing mechanic in Sekiro. At the same time, from the PV point of view, it is likely that a design similar to a hook lock will appear in the future. At the same time, rolling dodges are also added to the character battle, which is somewhat similar to Eloy in Horizon Zero Dawn.

In addition, “AVATAR: Reckoning” also adds MMO settings such as occupations and skill trees. Among them, four occupations are provided in the game, including Guard, Scout Scout, Combat Medic, and Engineer. And each class will provide an additional skill, such as increased shields, long-range grenades, Gatling, and more.

As of the press release, less than two days after the closed beta was opened, this mobile game has already been recognized by many overseas players and fans. A netizen on Twitter directly praised: “At least in the 28 minutes I played, “AVATAR: Reckoning” is great. There is no doubt that it has the potential to become the best MMORPG of the year this year.”

At the same time, some players were amazed at the next-generation graphics created by UE4, and said excitedly: “What a beautiful game this is, it must be shared in 4K quality.” Many people even directly shared the loading screen of the game .

Some netizens said: “The cutscenes are like movies” and “A mid-range phone can’t even handle this picture quality.”

In fact, the game still has shortcomings such as rigid movements and poor model quality, which still need to be optimized and polished continuously. But based on the current performance, “AVATAR: Reckoning” is likely to satisfy most fans and players in the end.

Under the tide of science fiction, Avatar mobile game wins at the starting line?

As mentioned at the beginning, the global game industry is facing a full-scale rise of sci-fi themes. In this case, AVATAR: Reckoning will obviously be the heavyweight among them.

This is not entirely the subjective conclusion of GameLook. After all, “Avatar” directed by James Cameron is still the first in film history with a box office of 2.847 billion US dollars. The quality of the movie is also at the top today, and it is still talked about by fans around the world.

What’s more, the long-awaited “Avatar 2” will meet the audience at the end of this year, and “AVATAR: Reckoning” will also be launched within this year. From this point of view, with the strong influence of IP and the popularity of new works, the game is bound to attract the attention of fans and players around the world to the greatest extent.

But this also poses a higher challenge to the final quality and distribution of the game. Fortunately, at the R&D level, the developer Zulong Entertainment already has rich experience in the development of MMO products and Unreal Engine.

As one of the earliest manufacturers of Unreal Engine in China, Zulong has already created many next-generation masterpieces, such as “Under the Great Picture” and “Dream New World”. Not only that, Zulong, born in the era of computer games, still insists on cultivating the MMO track in the era of mobile games, and has launched many excellent products. For example, “Dragon Fantasy” in cooperation with Tencent has achieved good results in China and overseas regions such as Japan.

Also based on Zulong’s in-depth cooperation experience with Tencent, the overseas distribution of “AVATAR: Reckoning” will be handled by Tencent’s new distribution brand Level Infinite, which is another blockbuster product that it has officially announced in the past two months.

Obviously, “AVATAR: Reckoning” already has most of the conditions for a global breakthrough. Looking further, the current test performance has also been recognized by many users. Under the tide of global sci-fi themes in the future, whether the game can finally satisfy more fans and players and trigger a new “Avatar fever” is hard not to look forward to.

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