Nerdle is a new math-based Wordle clone: ​​this is how you play the hard hitting daily math puzzle

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Nerdle is a math based puzzle game (Image: NERDLE)

Wordle finally has a math-based alternative for people who prefer numbers over letters. The latest game to capitalize on the Wordle craze, it challenges players to come up with a full 8-character calculation in just six guesses. As with Wordle, you start with a completely blank grid. Tiles turn green when you guess a number or symbol in the correct position; purple if the number or symbol appears in the calculation but in a different position; or black if it doesn’t appear at all.

Every guess has to be mathematically accurate, so you can’t just throw out random numbers and symbols.

It’s definitely a bit trickier than Wordle, especially if you completely mess up your first guess. You can try it out for yourself by visiting the Nerdle website.

The game was created by data scientist Richard Mann, who came up with the idea during a conversation with his daughter.

“The idea came up to talk to my 14-year-old daughter about the Wordle craze,” explains Mann.

“We agreed there had to be an equivalent for us math fans (she’s one too) and a few minutes later we had decided on the rules of the game and the name.

“My son (also a math fan) worked out the full list of valid calculations (tens of thousands!)

If you find the regular version too tricky, there is also an easy mode with fewer characters called Mini Nerdle (below).

Nerdle Mini

There’s even an easier 6-character mode called Mini Nerdle (Image: NERDLE)

As for the game that started it all, Wordle is a daily puzzle that has taken the internet by storm.

The game instructs players to work out a five-letter word in six guesses or less.

The only downside is that it’s pretty hard to fail, especially if you’ve used Express Online’s tips and tricks to make things easier.

Luckily, there’s a way to make Wordle harder, which is perfect if you’re looking for more of a challenge.

To enable hard mode, click the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. Here you will be presented with a list of options, including the hard mode setting.

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