Nintendo Direct February 2022 Date REVEALED? Huge hint dropped by Ninty’s big name

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Nintendo Direct February 2022 date announced? Huge hint dropped (Image: NINTENDO)

Since the beginning of the year, Nintendo Switch fans have been wondering when the next big Nintendo Direct will be, with multiple rumors pointing to a Direct dropping in February 2022. And while the House of Mario hasn’t confirmed whether there will be a major Direct presentation this month, fans should have known when the stream will take place — from a surprising source. The likeable Charles Martinet is best known for the iconic voice of Nintendo mascot Super Mario.

And one Twitter user was stunned when Martinet, 66, liked a tweet saying there would be a Nintendo Direct on February 16.

The tweet in question said: “Nintendo Direct – February 16 Save this tweet…”.

And Twitter user @Xeno_Joey was stunned to see Martinet like this tweet and predict the next Direct date.

After the Mario voice actor liked the tweet, @Xeno_Joey posted: “Why did Charles Martinet like this tweet?!?”

At the time of writing, the tweet still appears in the likes section of Martinet’s Twitter profile.

It is important to point out that Martinet likes a lot tweets, so nothing can be wrong here.

But previous leaks have indicated that a Nintendo Direct could be happening around this time.

At the beginning of the year, leaker Samus Hunter posted the following: “I know there are a lot of people who would like to know when the next #NintendoDirect is scheduled. Well, I hear an announcement planned and a launch window for games that are well known. trust me to say it should arrive before last February Direct (2/17).

While recently another leaker, Zippo, gave fans an idea of ​​what could be announced in the next Nintendo Direct.

And if this is anything, the February 2022 Nintendo Direct could be one for all ages.

The leaker, who not long ago correctly predicted that Persona 4 Ultimax was headed for modern consoles, said Mario Kart 9 will be announced during the next Direct.

This is definitely a great deal, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being the best-selling Switch game of all time.

While the last time a brand new main game in the Mario Kart series came out was in 2014, when Mario Kart 8 first launched on Wii U (the Deluxe version of the Switch includes all Wii U DLC and a revamped Battle mode) .

In addition to this huge announcement, the reveal of a brand new Xenoblade Chronicles game and a new entry in the Fire Emblem series is also tipped off. Zippo said the February 2022 Nintendo Direct could take place as early as next week.

As always with rumours, it’s best to take things with a grain of salt until the official confirmation. But if these rumors are true, Switch fans should know if a February Direct is on the horizon any time soon.

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Rumor has it that a sequel to Mario Kart 8 will be revealed this month (Image: NINTENDO)

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