Nimbus INFINITY is now available in Early Access on Steam

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GameTomo surprises us today with the release of the fast-paced mech action game Nimbus INFINITY with early access. on Steam you can now strike and complete the first six story missions.

There is no release date for the full version yet, but Early Access should last at least the whole year. As a result, you can look forward to new updates including not only story missions, but also new modes and more. A console release is also planned.

What is Nimbus INFINITY about?

The year 2100 is upon us. Since the end of the last great war, half of humanity has migrated to space and built colonies in hopes of a fresh start. Meanwhile, things are bleaker on Earth, where the central CFN government rules the scattered factions with an iron fist.

So-called Battle Frame technology fell into disrepair after elite pilots with the ability to create neural connections to powerful mechs disappeared. Now the battlefields are ruled by brute force.

The 17-year-old high school student Taiyo Iwata and the 15-year-old British actress Luna Campbell, whose hitherto quiet life soon sees challenging changes, are in lead roles.

Choose your weapons wisely and learn how to use them to face different types of enemies. The battlefields span cities, asteroid belts, deserts and various other environments that present numerous challenges. To be prepared for that, you are free to assemble suitable equipment from a wide range of armour, weapons, missiles and the like.

The Early Access Trailer

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