Radical Dreamers Edition is “a 7/10 remaster of a 10/10 game”

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Released on April 7 Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition in this country for consoles and PCs and that’s good. Because Chrono Cross was not originally released in Europe and there has been no version of the game on modern systems. In that regard, only good in terms of storage. But what’s the point of the game?

Our review is not finished yet, so we would like to offer you a small media echo here as usual. The press reviews of the game are fairly unanimous, although they are weighted differently here and there. Eurogamer calls Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition “one of the best and weirdest games in Squaresoft’s catalog” and “an achievable restoration”. Played for Nintendo Switch.

The revision is called “dutiful” – but in the sense of a restoration of monuments. the character models got a “beautiful makeover”, blur the “pixelated backgrounds [aber] largely in the gloss of today’s HD screens”.

In other words, you mostly stuck with the original. Also the refresh rate is “as irregular as in 1996”. “The remaster isn’t a brilliant achievement, but the game’s revival in one form or another is cause for celebration,” said author Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, also making a recommendation at the end.

RPG fan praises the “beautiful worldto explore, a variety of fun characters, immersive battles, a deep, complex plot‘ and ‘beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds’. the soundtrack is “absolutely awesome” and of course it’s also great that Radical Dreamers is coming out of Japan for the first time. By the way, everyone agrees.

RPG site calls the remaster “great” but points to “frustrating performance issues‘ on the Nintendo Switch. You hope for patches here, also because the Switch version is the only version you can physically own. The greatest value of the remaster is of course the first time Localization of Radical Dreamers† “I absolutely love both games in this collection and I’m glad they’re more accessible than ever,” said author Cullen Black.

From NintendoLife there are critical 6/10 points. Again, this is largely due to technical shortcomings. For example, everyone would screen resolutions feel “inappropriate”. Being able to avoid fights is a good thing. And besides, would Yasunori Mitsuda’s Music “never disappoint”.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition would “bring a much-loved classic to PlayStation 4”, says PlayStation universe† “Complete with its old pros and cons. Some of the game’s limitations are being removed by improvements and features in the new version”, but the port also creates its own issues. That includes frame rate – so this isn’t a Switch-exclusive issue.

Wccftech praises the localization and of course that Radical Dreamers is available in the West for the first time. The presentation in terms of user interface and font has also been improved. Frame rate issues and performance but are clearer than ever. The fact that nothing has been done to the cutscenes is also annoying. In the end, the remaster wouldn’t have gotten the attention that “one of the greatest JRPGs of all time” deserved.

In the end, RPGFan sums it up and so we return to author Izzy Parsons’ explanation. He calls Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition “a 7/10 remaster of a 10/10 game.”

Artwork: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, Square Enix

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