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The controversy surrounding easy mode and accessibility in Souls games is at least as old as the number of mods available for the PC version. One of these mods is the Odashikonbus Easy Mode mod. And he is one of the most popular, like Kotaku reported

Nexus Mods currently has about 530 mods Elden ring and among weapon reskins, reshades, and face settings, one of the most popular mods is the Easy Mode for Elden Ring mod, which has been downloaded nearly 50,000 times since it was first released on March 12.

The mod offers three modes, in the first mode you can easily reduce the damage. A second mode reduces damage and lets you earn ten times more runes. And a third mode offers personal settings of author Odashikonbu.

In all modes, attack damage is also increased and the radius of the hit zones is doubled. The number of hit points you get back from bottles is also multiplied. Adjustments that will bring even the strongest opponents to their knees.

Odashikonbu’s “personal mode” even disables FP cost and gear weight. In addition, the number of necessary materials for upgrading weapons is reduced to one. Elden Ring becomes child’s play.

However, you can only use the mod in offline mode which is partly due to the game’s settings but also intentional. According to the author, “everyone should enjoy the Elden Ring”, but the mod is not intended to “cheat in online mode”.

By the way, there is also a “Prepare to die” mod that makes Elden Ring even more difficult. So you have a choice – which FromSoftware, of course, deliberately does not leave to the players. It didn’t hurt. Shortly after its launch, Bandai Namco reported more than 12 million copies sold.

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