King of Fighters 15 Patch Notes 1.20 update today on April 14, 2022

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A new update has been released for King of Fighters 15 Update 1.20 with Patch Notes. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. TheKing of Fighters 15 Update 1.20 Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Changed Area Description of Change
Other ・Resolved minor issues concerning UI and Sound.
Crashing/Soft Locks ・Resolved issues where the game would freeze during Story Mode.
・Resolved issues where some players were incorrectly thought to have disconnected
during a match.
・Can now no longer receive replays (Replays that can’t be replayed) from different
・Replays now default to being public.
*For those who wish to private their replays, please visit the settings panel.
Rooms ・Players can now see connection status within rooms.
・Changed the input specifications for dashing.
*Input window, etc., for backstepping is the same as previous.
This is to prevent players from backstepping when trying to block quickly.
Shatter Strike
・All characters now wall bounce the same distance when hit with a Shatter Strike
in mid-air.
Training Mode
・Added the following guard settings:
Guard first hit
*Can be used to train mix-up/frame trap situations.
Sound Settings
・Changed the button used to open the Sound Settings from the Touchpad to
the □ Button.
・Upon triggering an Extra Match, the HP of the anchor will now be fully replenished.
*Anchor HP will transfer regularly during all other times.
Trial Mode
・Resolved issues where in some trials, cancelling into Super Special Moves at a certain
・timing would not clear the trial.
Vulcan Punch
(Normal ver.)
(Tap) LP or HP
・Resolved an issue where damage scaling did not work as intended.
・Lowered command input priority.
・Increased recovery on block during first hit (light ver.)
Increased recovery on block during first and second hit (heavy ver.),
so opponents will continuously block between hits.
(Heavy ver.)
・Resolved an issue where this attack could be Super Canceled into off a whiff.
・Changed command input from [Button 4 times] to [Button 5 times] Nesh (Light ver.)
Ralf Kick
(Normal ver.)
・Resolved an issue where this attack could be Super Canceled into off a whiff.
Machine Gun Puncher
↙↘→+LP or HP.
↙↘→+LP HP
Bareback Vulcan Punch
↙↙↘→+LK or HK.
↙↙↘→+LK HK
・Resolved an issue where this attack would not hit properly under certain
EX Special Moves
・Decreased EX Special Move meter consumption during MAX Mode from 400 to 200.
(Now is the same as other characters.)
Blow Back attack during
hops/hyper hops
・Resolved an issue where taking damage during this move would not be considered
a counter.
Nivose (Normal ver.)
↓Charge↑+LK or HK
Dive Bomber Punch
(Normal ver.)
In air↓↘→+LP or HP
・Resolved an issue where players could Super Cancel after landing.
(Normal ver.)
↘→↓↘→+LK or HK
・Resolved an issue where this attack could be Advanced Canceled into Pluviose
(MAX ver.).
212 Shiki・Kototsuki Yo
(EX ver.)
↘↙←+LK HK
・Resolved an issue where this attack would not land properly.
Shermie Shock (Normal ver.)
↘→↓↘→+LK or HK ・Resolved an issue where this attack would not land properly.
Grand Rafale (MAX ver.)
↘↘↙←+LP HP
・Resolved unintended character behavior after landing this attack under certain
Shermie Carnival
↙↘→←↙↘→+LP or HP,
↙↘→←↙↘→+LP HP
・Resolved an issue where this attack would not land properly.
Crescent Swatter
“Code: FS”(EX ver.)
←↓↙←+LK HK
・Increased damage from 80 to 120.
Close Standing HK ・Extended the hitbox downward.
Strength Shot Type C
“Code: Victory”
・Increased damage on final hit from 30 to 60.
Sonic Slaughter “Code: KW”
↘→↓↘→ + LP or HP.
↘→↓↘→ + LP HP
Crescent Swatter
“Code: FS”(Normal ver.)
←↓↙←+LK or HK
・Increased damage from 70 to 90
・Increased damage scaling during an OTG attack.
(Now the same scaling as other characters’ OTGs.)
・Increased first hit damage from 25 to 75, decreased final hit damage from 70 to 20.
・Opponents can no longer use Recovery after the first hit.
Boomerang Shot “Code: SC”
↙↘→+LP or HP.
↙↘→+LP HP

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