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In a nice interview with AdventureGamers Ron Gilbert revealed more about how he got his Monkey Island license back. After all these years she ended up at Disney and Ron Gilbert always insisted that he wanted her back.

“Well, I bought Disney, so that’s how it all happened,” he jokes. Of course not. “It was so clear that they really liked Monkey Island, that Monkey Island meant a lot to at least the people in Disney’s Lucasfilm group,” Gilbert said. But a new game was never in question. “It just couldn’t.”

It wasn’t about the money, Disney wasn’t dependent on it anyway. “The whole thing came about because I was with Nigel” [Lowrie] talked about Devolver. We met, I think it was at PAX, and we just started talking. He said he knew John Drake, that they were friends, and I think John Drake was licensed by Lucasfilm Games. So he wanted [John] to do a Monkey Island and I was like, yeah, let’s see if something works.”

Something went wrong. But: “I think it’s more important than ownership [der Lizenz] was for me that I really wanted to have creative freedom. I didn’t want to make a game where someone tells me what to do. It’s not a contract game.”

In the interview, Ron Gilbert also revealshow he enjoyed the April 1 event and the announcement. How many people work at Terrible Toybox now and what really happened at the end of Monkey Island 2. And where Return to Monkey Island begins. Monkey Island fans will be delighted.

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