Soulstorm on PlayStation Plus was “devastating”, says developer

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Many fans wonder if there is something wrong with the Xbox Game Pass really so very rewarding for developers. Indie studios in particular have often confirmed this – the studios can of course gild the free start in the Game Pass. AAA developments also had positive effects, as Square Enix confirmed with Outriders, for example.

Sony has tried it PlaystationPlus sometimes with games at launch, an example being Oddworld: Soulstorm, which was already available on the PlayStation subscription service at launch. In retrospect, developer Lorne Lanning described this decision as “devastating” to sales.

The Xbox Expansion Podcast (via VGCLorne Lanning said they expected about 50,000 to 100,000 downloads during the PlayStation Plus period. Instead, four million PS Plus users secured the game for free. Lanning believes the studio’s unexpected popularity on PlayStation Plus has also wiped out potential later sales.

PlayStation Plus is a “double-edged sword” according to Lanning. But you also needed the money from the deal “to complete the project”. Oddworld: Soulstorm has only launched on PS Plus for PS5. They were hesitant, but thought they had struck a good deal as PS5 consoles were already few and far between in January 2021.

You clearly made a wrong calculation and the postponement of the game to April did the rest. Fall Guys proved it could be better too, having been bought another seven million times after its viral success on Steam, such as VGC reported

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