The Slormancer Patch Notes update today on April 18, 2022

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A new update has been released for The Slormancer Update with Patch Notes. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. The Slormancer Update Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


– 9 new Missions have been added to the game including a new Boss fight.

ACT 1 – Reworked

– The diversity of enemies in Act 1 has been greatly increased (from 5 enemies to 12).
– Fight composition, diversity, and density have been reworked to get more interesting yet approachable fights.
– Larger maps have been sized down.
– Exalted Breaches and Named Elites have been added in Act 1.
– The Great Escape and Nocturnal Escapade (in which you unlock remaining classes) are now optional and can be accessed much sooner so you can actually unlock new characters if/when you want to.
– The Cataclysm from “The Laws of Gravity” has been changed from Gravity to Explosive (the mission has been renamed accordingly).
– To improve new players’ experience and pacing, Adam Nostrus’ Slorm Reaper now evolves much sooner (Level 5).
– For the same reason, one of the Breaches in Act 1 now has a 100% chance to drop a Slorm Reaper the first time you close it. The Slorm Reaper you find is based on the class you play.
– (A couple of changes were made to Act 2 missions as well).

Ancestral Skill Tree

– A new Ancestral Stone can be unlocked throughout the story.
– This unlocks 30 new Ancestral Skills in the 4th tier of the Ancestral Skill Tree. Including Imbue Skills.

Level Cap

– The Level cap has been increased to 60.

New Cataclysms:

7 New Cataclysms have been added to the game:
– Replicant
– Gargantuan
– Assassins
– Assimilation
– Reconstruction
– Fury of the Storm
– Shadow Curse

By introducing Shadow Curse (Shadow-based Cataclysm) and Fury of the Storm (Lightning-based Cataclysm), there is now a Cataclysm for each type of Elemental Damage.
We’ve made a couple of changes to these Cataclysms, here’s how they work now:

– Fire Damage has a chance to apply Burn.
– Ice Damage has a chance to Chill.
– Lightning Damage has a chance to Shock (and stop all Cooldowns for 0.3 seconds).
– Light Damage has a chance to apply Armor Broken, Elemental Resistance Broken, Daze or Slow for a few seconds.
– Shadow Damage has a chance to apply Shadow Confusion preventing ANY form of Mana or Life gain for a few seconds.

For Cataclysms, the chance to apply their debuff is 100%.
This Chance can be reduced by using Resistance Stats such as Fire Resistance (70% Fire Resistance will result in a 30% Chance to get the debuff when hit).

We also plan to add Imbued Attacks to enemies (such as Elites or Bosses or in specific cases):
Enemies’ Imbued Attacks are yet to be added to the game but their chance to apply the debuff will be around 5-15%.

Fire Damage / Floor is Lava:

– Burn base damage has been reduced from 121 to 14.
– Burn can now stack up to 10 times.

Light Beam:

– The Light Beam Cataclysm has been reworked to be more oppressive and will now target you with greater accuracy.

New Exaltations:

– Exaltation of Precision.
– Exaltation of Silence.

New Breach Event:

– Chaos Wave Event: We’ve added a new way for Breaches to spawn enemies (so this is INSTEAD of getting 1, 2, or 3 waves of enemies) called the Chaos Wave.
When triggered, the Breach will spawn hundreds of enemies, at an accelerating pace and with random compositions.
Completing a Chaos Wave adds +5 stacks to your Breach Bonus Reward.

Balance Changes:

– “Boss Loot” from Bosses can only occur ONCE the first time you kill them with each class. Bosses will then loot with a greatly reduced multiplier on subsequent kills.
– Wrath Levels now also apply a scaling on Armor and Elemental Resistance to enemies, like in The Storm Temple.

Adam Nostrus’ Reaper:

– Base Damage is now 22/27 and +6/+9 per level instead of 17/21 +4/6
– Bonus Damage has been increased to 3 (from 2).
– Now grants +15% Attack Speed.
– Now evolves at levels 5 and 12.
– Effects from Adam Nostrus’ Mighty Reaper have been swapped with effects from Adam Nostrus’ Perfect Reaper (basically we switched the effects of its evolutions).

Reaper of the Untouchable One:

– The evasion bonus is now equal to your Min. Raw Damage instead of your Average Raw Damage (to prevent an infinite synergy that could occur with Evasive Magic)

Bugs Fixed:


– Burn applied by Floor is Lava is no longer considered a self debuff (and should no longer apply irrelevant buffs or debuffs)


– You no longer have to release the key pressed to recast an Aura or a Skill
– Reaper of Alpha and Omega should now deal damage more consistently.


– You can no longer be hit or be targetted while dialogue is running.
– On death Particles should now have the proper size.
– Added an Alert preventing you from merging Slormites or crafting Slormelines while your inventory is full which would result in nothing being created.

The Mischievous Mage:

– Arcane Clones casting Rift Nova will now properly cast Rift Nova when enemies are in their range.

“Infinite Synergies”:

– Known infinite synergy loops should no longer occur (They have been edited “manually” to what felt the most natural, and if more are found, I’ll have to create exceptions to handle them.)
– Armor of Illusion (Fierce Huntress Passive) + Indomitable Mountain Legendary: Armor given by Indomitable Mountain is no longer granted BACK as Evasion by Armor of Illusion.
– Mana Harvesting Reaper + Savagery 60 Trait: Raw Damage from Good Crop is now ignored from Savagery’s 60 calculation.
– Reaper of the Untouchable One + Savagery 45 Trait + Evasive Magic (Fierce Huntress Passive): has been taken care of with a minor balance change listed above.


– Strict Tutor’s Dome should now properly destroy Ballista’s Light Arrows
– Strict Tutor’s Dome should no longer destroy Forked Projectiles created within the Dome.


– Damage Script should be roughly x5 faster than before (from 2,5ms to 0,45ms on average). This should drastically reduce the amount of lag when casting AoEs (do let me know).
– Changes made to various scripts should also result in improved performance at all times even when out of combat.

– The Fierce Huntress’ Legacy of Pain should have improved performance.
– Improved performance on Projectiles piercing multiple targets.
– Improved performance when multiple Buffs are being displayed on Hero’s UI.
– Improved performance of the Combo Meter.

Bugs Created:

– Due to the nature of some changes, I might have broken a few things that were perfectly working until then. 😡
– I’m sorry about this.
– If you find a bug, then please report it here, on our Steam forums, or on Discord. We try to fix crashes and critical bugs within a day, so please be patient.

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