4 steps to disable annoying messages on WhatsApp and Facebook

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Many users of the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp applications face annoying messages, as the Facebook application allows users to send messages to people who are not on their friend’s list, but there are some people due to the nature of their work, for example, a large number of messages from people they do not know become exposed to you and these messages become harmful and annoying, which is what Facebook pushed to make sure that the user can disable this feature and make receiving messages only allowed to friends, but this feature may have been done easily through privacy, but the method has now changed, and in Messenger, anyone can send you text messages, while WhatsApp only allows the person to send a text message to you that you have your number of contact and if someone bothers you by sending text messages or calls, you can mute their conversations. And you can get the option when you long press on any chat.

Here’s how to mute WhatsApp and Messenger chats to ignore annoying messages and calls.

  1. Open Messenger and find the chat you want to deactivate.
  2. Long press on that particular chat. There will be options for “Ignore Warnings,” Click on it.
  3. Then you will see options like turn off message notifications, turn off call notifications, and turn off message and call notifications.
  4. You can select anyone to avoid annoying messages and calls on Messenger. For the uninitiated, Messenger has an option called “Ignore Messages”.

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