A trading card game coming soon to The Elder Scrolls Online

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The online title of the series by Zenimax Online StudiosThe Elder Scrollswill be rolled out soon via the extension high island a collectible card game. This will be available on June 21, 2022secure playstation4playstation5Xbox One and Series X/ScomputermacOS and Google Stadia

Trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Legacy of the Britons.

For all players with the expansion high islandyou can Tamriel play a card game between two quests.

You can play two of them, against NPCs or other players. You will be victorious in two ways:

  • By collecting enough points;
  • By simultaneously winning the favors of the four patrons.

Each deck is inspired by Tamriel’s stories and requires you to be technical. Be thorough to get the win for your opponent.

You get benefits during your games like coins, powerpoints and much more.

You unlock new decks of cards by completing various tasks, but you also have the opportunity to improve certain cards.

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The Elder Scrolls Online has different versions here:

Basic version at 5.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros on PS4&PS5Xbox One and Series X/S (also included in the game pass) and Steam.

The High Isle update is available for pre-order from 39.99 euros PS4/PS5Xbox One and Series X/S† This includes:

  • Frostblade Moose Mount;
  • A pirate of the Abecéenne disguise;
  • A Flame Knights puppy pet;
  • A black knight’s crown crate;
  • Three treasure maps;
  • Two experience roles.

An edition combines the two above, called The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle CE, available from 89.99 euros PS4&PS5Xbox One and Series X/S and on Steam for 59.99 euros. This edition has some extra bonuses:

  • Ornaug Mountain of Amenos;
  • Pet Young Balfiera Senche;
  • Ascendant Knight outfit style;
  • Keepsake Treasure of the Conspirators;
  • High Isle Emote Bundle.

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