Dice Legacy Corrupted Fates update available

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Ravenscourt informs us via a press release that the Corrupted Fates update for Dice inheritance is available from now on. A launch trailer is also shown.

In the “Corrupted Fates” expansion, players can expect many innovations including the new dice class Cultists, the new ruler Vicar and a new game mode: The Downfall.

The Downfall turns the tables and lets you Dice inheritance experience from a new perspective through the eyes of others! Players also gain access to new technologies, memories, buildings and strategies.

Who’s ready for one last dance with Lady Luck?

Invaders stand on the shore and society, weak and corrupt, falls victim to the pull of a dark and powerful being. A mysterious cult has appeared in the realm. As a player you have to deal with the suspicions of the Council and you have to flee. But how many sacrifices are you willing to make in this race against time? What will you do to ensure your own survival?

tainted fate new mechanics and features:

  • Corrupt strategies: The cultists will entice other classes to propose corrupt principles although powerful, they come with a price.
  • Madness: Bad deeds have consequences. Will they destroy players or give them an advantage?
  • Revelations: An alien presence gives you valuable insights that have powerful effects depending on the faces you have in your dice pool.
  • 11 new technologies
  • 12 new policies
  • 7 new memories
  • 4 new buildings: Void Well, Knowledge Generator, Offer Stone and Cradle of Rebirth

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