Neverwinter Dragonslayer DLC Introduced

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Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios have now released the 23rd expansion for “Dragonslayer”. never winter announced. It will be released in June for PS4 and Xbox One.

The expansion turns players into dragon slayers as they enter dragon dens and hunt chromatic dragons from the D&D universe. dragon slayer includes a new dragon hunting system, new dragon lairs, challenges and rewards. The update also includes a revamp of Neverwinter’s Dragons and additional content for the popular Temple of Tiamat Trial, which pits players against the fiveheaded dragon god Tiamat.

“I have been a fan of Dungeons & Dragons for 25 years so it was an absolute honor for me to bring the next expansion, Neverwinter: Dragon Slayerto announce during the first D&D Direct,” said Brett Norton, Executive Producer at never winter† “The expansion is for fans of D&D’s dragons and lovers of the new dragon adventures introduced by Fizban. We’re excited to see all D&D players become dragon hunters in our next expansion.”

After the events of Dragonbone Vale, the Shield of the North expelled Valindra Shadowmantle from the Sword Coast, but not before casting an erroneous version of the Scaleplague Myth. The dark spell awakened countless dragons with the dragon vision phenomenon, twisting their intentions and sending them into a frenzy. The cry for help is heard once again in Dragonslayer, where players must team up with others to hunt these deadly dragons to save the Sword Coast once again.

In the new expansion Neverwinter: Dragon Slayer Players can experience the new Dragon Hunt system where they become one of Smerdiuk Dragonbone’s powerful dragon slayers to face the dragons in their hordes. The new system offers the ability to fight against a variety of chromatic dragons, from the coldblooded White Dragon to the cunning Black Dragon. They come in different ages (young, adult, old) and each dragon species has a unique set of challenges, treasures to explore and rewards. The next update will also bring a complete overhaul of the Dragons of Neverwinter, giving these deadly creatures new attacks, spells and the ability to take to the skies. Everyone can look forward to a major update of the popular Temple of Tiamat Trial. The version brings new mechanics and challenges with normal and master difficulty.

More details, including the new Dragon Hunt system, will be announced ahead of the release of Neverwinter: Dragon Slayer announced in June.

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  1. This is the first-ever mod i was not excited about. this is what i said on other site about it (not natively English so grammar will be bad :))

    NO content MOD with them removing and releasing as new the oldest trial in the game!!!! They are also bringing back the Dragons that was removed a little over a year ago!! Game has dropped players in very large numbers. I play it but i hope that one day the devs wills top listening to their PRIVATE(insider trading) preview friends . That abuse the fact they have the devs ears to get what they want instead of what the game needs. Maybe one day someone will be brave enough to turn it around!!! Allowing a small number of players to abuse regular players with the info they get months before other players do is wrong and the DEVS need to stop it and not enable it!!!

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