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Since Nintendo skinned but smoothed out a second date announcement shortly before the weekend: The lively shooting Splatoon 3 will be published on September 9. Who was paying attention: It was actually planned before, apparently you were there without more Xenoblade Chronicles 3 exchanged to fill the gap.

And the ink of the accompanying press release is freshly dried:

It’s getting colorful again: Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9 for Nintendo Switch† In the Splatsville District, players engage in adrenalinepumping color battles with fellow Inklings and Octolings. They discover new features, weapons and the trendiest gear of the season.

In the heated 4v4 color battles in the mode turf war Teams compete online in new and familiar arenas with the aim of coloring as much space as possible. Active Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo Account required for online play. With the striped eel street, the trailer shows one of the new arenas and also focuses on the stringer. The new bowshaped weapon type allows players to splatter their paint both sideways and vertically. The video also offers a taste of new equipment and further information.

In addition to the colorful offers for multiplayer matches Splatoon 3 a new singleplayer campaign and the continuation of the cooperative multiplayer mode” Salmon Run† In story mode, players fight as #3 against the evil Octarians and discover the mysteries of Alterna and the Fluffy Plasma. In Salmon Run some more do splatoonFans gather to fend off hordes of treacherous Salmonid bosses, including some reallife behemoths.

Anyone who already has the full version of . has splatoon 2 and an active membership Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack own can start training for today Splatoon 3 kick off. You can now access the extended download content at no extra cost Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion immerse yourself in the single player experience of splatoon 2 extensive. The download of the additional content can be found on the product page Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion in their Nintendo eShop Nintendo Switch† From there, all they need to do is click “Download” under “Nintendo Switch Online Member Content + Expansion Pack” and the exciting expansion will be loaded onto the console.

In the download content Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion players take on the role of Agent 8, an octopus who wakes up with amnesia on the platform of a dark subway station. Set in a vast underground world, make your way through a total of 80 test facilities and put your skills to the test in various missions. If they manage to escape from the fateful depths, they can now engage in multiplayer battles with their own octoling.

So there is already before the start of Splatoon 3 lots of playing and training on September 9th and especially after that.

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