Former Capcom employee explains how the failed box art came about

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Sure, Mega Man is an integral part of the video game world. In 1987 he made his debut as Rockman, in the West they chose the name Mega Man. In a stream interview The former Capcom USA Senior VP now reveals not only why the name was changed, but also how the legendary American box art came to be.

“Rockman came over and I thought, ‘Rockman doesn’t make sense to me. I knew the characters were based on rock musicians and stuff, but I thought we should change the name,” explains Joe Morici. It wasn’t difficult then.

“At that point, Capcom trusted me [Japan]that I was doing the right thing for the US market, so I changed the name to Mega Man. It wasn’t exactly a long, drawn-out discussion. […] I just thought it made sense… Not much thought was given to it. I liked the name Mega Man. He’s big, great,” Joe Morici says afterwards.

This is a decision that is hardly talked about today. But American box art of that era has achieved cult following, and one still wonders today how that could have happened. Morici was also involved in this. The reason for the failed box art is banal, according to Morici.

“If you remember the box art of the first Mega Man game, it looked awful. It was so bad because we literally had 24 hours to make it. Nintendo said, ‘We need your designs tomorrow,’” recalls Morici himself.

“Someone worked all night to design this junk packaging and then we released it because we had no other choice. The first Mega Man did pretty well, and the subsequent Mega Man games just got better and better and better. “

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