Evil Dead: The Game coming uncut in Germany

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The Austrian doomsayers actually made us a blunder whether it be a lack of correct information or commercial selfinterest, that is an open question. At least the claim made less than two weeks ago that Evil Dead: the game did not receive USK approval and thus would not appear in Germany, turned out to be a duck, as confirmed this weekend by a very official body:

Incidentally, there will be no version that has been specially adapted by the provider for the German market. Therefore: Have fun searching for the Necronomicon! pic.twitter.com/NACy91w9SO

— USK (@USK_de) Apr 24, 2022

If the USK says so itself and also points out that there are no cuts, then it really should be true.

In fact, from now on you won’t find the packaged USK version available for preorder from a local mail order company, which is likely to change (or at least could). In contrast, the download versions were consistently listed in the Sony and Microsoft online shops, which could also be interpreted as an indication that the final decision had not yet been made.

The release date for the is also interesting in this regard Listings on the USK website: This is given as April 22 (ie just last Friday). So it’s very possible that Evil Dead: the game has made several attempts to successfully retrieve its “from 18” as releases are usually not requested so close to their scheduled release date.

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