Bloodhunt Releases Early Access April 27, 2022 on PC and PS5

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Already announced almost a year ago, Blood Hunt takes you on a battle royale in the heart of Prague, signed shark gang† Prepare for intense games and make good use of your powers. The title will be available in the final version on PS5 and computer from April 27, 2022.

Trailer Blood Hunt.

Get ready for a night of terror and fierce fighting in the heart of Prague in this battle royale that combines great fangs and magical powers.

The game aims to be faithful to historical details and monuments that make up Prague. Enjoy a quality mode in 4k 30 FPS or performance in 60 FPS for a resolution in 1440p.

The audio works in blood hunt, was made with small onions. Thanks to the PS Tempest 3D Audio technology, you can enjoy an incredible spatial sound reproduction. You’ll also be able to identify where a shot is coming from with accurate sonic verticality.

The Dualsense in action

The haptic feedback will make you feel the sensations of the combat and your environment, while the adaptive triggers will react differently depending on your actions or the weapons used.

Your controller’s LED light will let you know which team you’re on or when you’re being followed.

The Dualsense speaker will support the immersion of your games a little more.

clothing store

Blood Hunt will be available in free to playso free on PS5 and computer† However, a version Founder’s Ultimate Edition is available on PS5 for 59.99 euros and includes:

Bloodhunt Releases Early Access April 27, 2022 on PC and PS5
Bloodhunt Founder’s Ultimate Edition
  • Three exclusive PlayStation 5 items and tokens;
  • Samurai Mask (Epic);
  • Two exclusive outfits for PS5: Vertigo and Fast Forward (Epic);
  • Thousand tokens (in-game currency);
  • Fourteen outfits;
  • Ten character emotions;
  • Twelve body art objects (tattoos and piercings);
  • six makeups;
  • Two glass-like objects;
  • Two hair and eye colors;
  • Thirty-six player icons;
  • Twenty-six character basemaps.

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