One Piece Odyssey introduces a mysterious enemy and the ruins of the island

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Bandai Namco today has some new details about the recently announced One Piece Odyssey released. First, there’s a little introduction to developer ILCA’s turn-based RPG. Most of this is already known.

On their journey, the Straw Hat Pirates are engulfed by a powerful storm. Castaway, they find themselves on a mysterious island, blessed with natural gifts and protected by a ring of storms.

The gang gets separated from their friends and the Thousand Sunny sinks. Luffy and the others must work together to escape this stormy island. But ruthless forces of nature, terrible enemies and…

The new screenshots show a mysterious, large enemy and some animal inhabitants of the island. In addition, you will see some island ruins that probably serve as dungeons.

through gematsuArtwork: One Piece Odyssey, Bandai NamcoILCA

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