The new PlayStation Plus finally has an official release date

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We are eagerly looking forward to it, yes, the famous new PlayStation Pluscompetitor of Xbox Game Pass† Finally, this is what we promise sony with his anticipated next bid to counter-attack. The date has finally been officially revealed, with a gradual release depending on the continent.

And yes, we are not all in the same boat. The release of the new Playstation Plus will happen gradually.

The first to benefit will be players from Asia, excluding Japan, from May 28, 2022. Then it will be Japan’s turn on June 1, the Americas on June 13, and finally, as usual, June 22, 2022 in Europe .

Summary of formulas

Here is a brief summary of the proposed formulas for this new offering:

PlayStation Plus Essential

This formula will be identical to the one we know today, with:

  • Two downloadable games per month;
  • Exclusive discounts;
  • Access to the PS Cloud to save your progress;
  • Access to multiplayer;

The prices do not change and already committed subscribers immediately switch to this formula:

  • Per month at 8.99 euros;
  • The quarter at 24.99 euros;
  • Annual subscription at 59.99 euros.

PlayStation Plus Extra

In this formula you have access to all functionalities of the PlayStation Plus Essentialbut also a catalog of about 400 titles PS4 and PS5 downloadable so you can play it offline.

As for the prices you can choose:

  • Per month at 13.99 euros;
  • Per quarter at 39.99 euros;
  • All year round for 99.99 euros.

PlayStation Plus Premium

In this most complete offer you will have access to the content of the two lower offers, as well as to 340 additional games, including:

  • Spell PS3 accessible via cloud streaming;
  • Spell play stationPS2 and PSP stream or download;
  • The ability to test selected games in limited time trial demos.

In terms of price you have:

  • Per month at 16.99 euros;
  • Per quarter at 49.99 euros;
  • All year round for 119.99 euros.

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