Yuji Naka Accuses Square Enix And Even Went To Court

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Balan Wonder World wasn’t the platformer hit it was supposed to be. You don’t have to keep this a secret. For former Sonic creator Yuji Naka, who only joined Square Enix in 2018, the last station in his career has been unsuccessful for the time being.

And then all kinds of dirty laundry is washed. Yuji Naka expressed himself on Twitter is disappointed in his former employer and makes serious accusations. The case even went to court.

“About half a year before the release of Balan Wonderworld, I was banned from directing, so I filed a lawsuit against Square Enix. Now that the process is complete and I am no longer bound by the company’s rules, I want to cast my vote ‘ Yuji Naka said on Twitter, and it is suspected that it will be a lengthy affair.

“According to the court documents, I was not allowed to direct Balan Wonderworld for two reasons,” Naka begins. First, when the piano piece of the game’s music, arranged by a YouTuber, was used in an advertising campaign instead of the original game, […] I insisted that the original piece be published.” That would have caused problems.

“Second said [Naoto] Ohshima, according to court documents to the producer [Noriyoshi] Fujimoto that the relationship also [Entwickler] Arzest was ruined because of my comments to improve the game when Arzest submitted the game with no bug fixes,” said Naka.

Yuji Naka then discusses development processes and schedules over which he no longer had any influence. Twitter user Cheesemeister3k posted the whole twitter thread translated. “I think you have to do everything you can to make the games the best you can until the end so that the fans can enjoy the game. It was not right to fire a director who says that without discussion and completely distance myself.” to take on the project,” said Naka.

He was then not allowed to like or retweet tweets and artwork on social media. From now on, however, he will be able to. “I think in game development it should be a given to ask for solutions to make something good and if that’s not possible then you should talk about it, but it seems they can’t. I don’t think they are games appreciate,” Naka said of Square Enix.

“Improving a game to the end is what game development is all about, and if that’s not possible, something’s wrong,” says Naka. Yuji Naka is also disappointed with the final result of Balan Wonderworld. His tenor: It wouldn’t have happened if he had been given enough time to improve the game.

In such conflicts, it would of course be interesting to hear both sides. However, Square Enix is ​​not expected to take a position on this. Parts of the industry including: Journalist Imran Khan recalling that Yuji Naka has not been flawless in the past either. Naka is known for being “difficult” to work with. A dispute between Peter Moore and Naka has been reported, which ended in a “fuck off”.

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