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Video game pre-ordering has fallen into disrepute in recent years. The reasons are simple. Often people look forward to the game, rely on the development studio, and eventually the title is either delayed or no finished game comes to market. That, of course, leads to frustration. To counteract this frustration a bit and encourage you to pre-order a game anyway, the studios provide nice pre-order bonuses with the games.

These differ from game to game. Sometimes it’s small, digital goods that are promised. This will initially include exclusive, cosmetic changes to characters or more materials at the start of the game. Other studios and publishers also lure players with physical bonuses and small goodies. And then there are the companies that give you early access to the game if you pre-order it. So there are many tricks to get the customer’s money sooner.

But do these procedures convince you to pre-order? Or are you against pre-ordering video games in general? Tell us in today’s Sunday question!

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The results of the Sunday question of April 24

sunday question: Do you use Nintendo Switch Online?

  • I don’t have Nintendo Switch Online. 42.59% (46 votes)
  • I mainly use NSO for online gaming (eg online multiplayer). 19.44% (21 votes)
  • I am considering membership if the offer should improve. 12.96% (14 votes)
  • I even have the expansion pass and use the included games. 11.11% (12 votes)
  • I have a membership, but I do not use the Services. 9.26% (10 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 2.78% (3 votes)
  • I regularly play the NES/SNES classics or other free trial games. 1.85% (2 votes)
  • For exclusive offers and bonus content I have NSO (for example to buy the retro controllers). 0.00% (0 votes)

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