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In recent weeks, various reports from former employees and part-time and contract employees at Nintendo of America have been the talk of the town. kotaku had published an article in which some former employees made accusations. Accordingly, a kind of two-class society would emerge in the labor market.

Earlier, a former employee had filed a lawsuit against Nintendo (axios reported) and accused the company of “concentrated activities” and “coercive measures” against workers that would infringe the legal right to unionize.

Well published IGN a new investigation, which goes even further. There is a bureaucracy that requires practically every minute of the day to be recorded on the timesheet. This leads to paranoia if you have to leave your desk for even a minute and tricks to avoid idle messages on the PC.

Most of the employees IGN spoke to said that the culture at Nintendo of America had changed (deteriorated) around 2015. After the Wii U, Nintendo pushed for the Switch to be released. First a lot of people were fired, then a lot had to be hired – but Nintendo resisted. Temporary workers were increasingly used instead of permanent employees, which ultimately put everyone under pressure.

In addition, temporary workers are treated as second-class workers, receive various benefits and receive no Christmas bonus. “Extremely demoralizing,” a former employee told IGN.

There are reports of a strict attendance policy, whereby people should fear dismissal for just three days of absence. A former employee reports that a sick employee has come to work to avoid being fired and spreading his illness in the call center.

Initiatives and areas of work that had lost their “gloss” would be treated accordingly. IGN reports from the mobile games field, where employees had to investigate fan wikis due to lack of internal documentation. In short: not a pleasant working environment. Read the research from IGNlearn more.

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