Game Trailers: Apex Legends New Trailer for the Salvation Update

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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a new trailer for the Salvation Update for Apex Legends† In it, Newcastle is unmasked.

Newcastle will debut as 21 next week. Legend and his skills show why the best offense is often a strong defense:

  • Passive “Recover the Wounded”: Thanks to its wrist revival shield, Newcastle can protect itself and his teammates from fire, while bringing allies to life and bringing them to safety.
  • Tactical “Mobile Shield”: Newcastle activates a floating energy shield that adapts to the changing fronts of the battlefield as it advances, retreats, or fends off a sudden attack from the side.
  • Ultimate “Castle Wall”: Newcastle pulls his signature shield from his back, jumps into the action and tosses it to the ground. This activates the construction of a powerful fortress.

The rescue update for Apex Legends appears on May 10.

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