Why Devolver Digital urged its fans to stop buying games from the publisher

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A right move by Devolver Digital. Yesterday one screamed his fans on Twitter to stop buying Devolver games on Steam. “Trust us,” was the short answer. A publisher telling its 300,000+ followers to stop buying games?

Rather unusual. What’s behind it? Today we know: Devolver Digital has started publishing on Steam. Numerous games from Devolver Digital are offered. The publisher has probably saved some of its fans from unnecessary expenses.

With a turnaround time of almost 48 hours, 300,000 followers and over 700 retweets, you can assume that some fans have followed the buy warning. In this regard, Devolver Digital has probably lost real money.

But you can probably get that back with the action. Because would we have reported on the publisher sale today if Devolver Digital hadn’t “warned” about it two days ago? Probably not. But they deserve it. Please to the Devolver sale on Steam

Images: Devolver Digital

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