Spike Chunsoft Launches Cryptic Countdown Website

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Publisher Spike Chunsoft has once again launched a new countdown website. It is available in English and Japanese, which is a good sign. “Hidden Bats” is the name of the sitewherever there is one Twitter account and a Youtube Channel seems to give.

You see several televisions and a really cryptic trailer that hardly allows any conclusions. But the countdown starts in about 20 hours, so we’ll know more then. A look at the Twitter account is also worth checking out.

The first tweet from the Twitter account reads “48:00:00” and refers to the “News” page a company called “Sunaiku Foundation” where you can find an article from April 1. It covers the appointment of President Kagura Iwato of the Sunaiku Foundation, his disappearance, the creation of the Foundation’s Missing Persons Task Force and the disappearance of high school student Aine Ichirai and university student Binato Sotobara. They are also presented with artwork.

through gematsuArtwork: Spike Chunsoft

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