Why producer Yoshida had problems with US PR

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Yesterday, Naoki Yoshida again and unexpectedly commented on the development status of Final Fantasy XVI In a livestream of Final Fantasy XIV He also revealed that the upcoming trailer is ready and will be released soon. American PR should not be amused this time either.

A few days ago, a quote from Yoshida from UNIQLO magazine hit the media. Accordingly, Final Fantasy XVI is in its final stages of development. As Naoki Yoshida mentioned in yesterday’s livestream, this caused him some trouble with US PR.

“There was a UNIQLO t-shirt collaboration with the entire Final Fantasy series from FF1 to FF16, right? Since I’m working on FF16, I had to talk a little bit about the game. I didn’t know what I said was going to be big news? ” said Yoshida in dialogue with Yosuke Saito, who was a guest on the NieR site’s live stream.

“You probably just wanted to chat, but it became a message about the game’s progress,” said Saito. The translation of these lines comes from Aitai Kimochic, whose translations are often used by the media. Also the Japanese Vending Machine Magazine reported independently.

“The US PR team got mad at me again,” Yoshida said. “Minding my own business, working during Golden Week when I got a stone cold email saying, ‘Hey, did you really have to comment on the game? If so, we could have gathered some more information. would you like to do?’ Man…” Yoshida said to Saito smiling

The US PR is probably unhappy with Naoki Yoshida’s individual and seemingly uncoordinated advances. The last official statement on Final Fantasy XVI is dated December 2021. At the time, producer Naoki Yoshida (coordinated) took the floor and apologized. Because after actually promising new details about Final Fantasy XVI for 2021, he had to postpone the fans until the spring of 2022.

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