According to media reports, Microsoft is continuing its efforts

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With a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Easily stream various games on your home TV – without Xbox. That sounds cool for people who like to stream games. Most importantly, it opens up a huge pool of potential new Game Pass customers to Xbox.

According to GamesBeat Xbox is now pushing these efforts further, planning a device similar to the Amazon Fire Stick for the coming year, which should make streaming to TV devices child’s play. A native TV app for Samsung devices is also planned.

Since the early days of Game Pass, Xbox has strived to bring the subscription model to as many devices as possible. “There are many open platforms that we can continue to grow on: the web, PC and mobile,” said Phil Spencer in an earlier interview.

Similar plans were announced about a year ago. “Xbox has partnered with TV manufacturers around the world to bring the Xbox experience directly to TVs connected to the Internet — with no additional hardware requirements down to the controller,” it said at the time.

They want to reach “billions of players” with Xbox. Sounds megalomaniac, but we know it: three billion consumers worldwide seek entertainment, community and creation in gaming (in various forms). You want to reach them all.

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