Panini brings the manga to Germany this year

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The first part of Panini’s new manga is waiting for us in August Pokemon – Travel† It is the adaptation of the anime of the same name, which has been airing since November 2019.

Panini lists the . on Manga in the year preview*still under the cryptic name “Pokémon NEW”, but Amazon’s product pages are already well-maintained. The first part will be released on August 30th and can be pre-ordered now.

The first volume has 188 pages and has been translated into German. You have to pay 7.99 euros. The other two parts are expected to follow this year.

Orania City in the Kanto Region: Aspiring to become the strongest Pokémon trainer in the world, Ash has come to the city to attend the opening of Professor Kirsch’s laboratory. When a Legendary Pokémon unexpectedly appears, Ash meets Goh, who dreams of catching all the Pokémon – and their adventure begins!

Artwork: Pokémon Journeys: The Series, The Pokémon Company

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