The best mother role in a video game?

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Today is Mother’s Day! A day when hopefully you paid your mother a visit or at least didn’t get on her nerves too much. You may have also given your mother something to look forward to. Sometimes you want to thank the person who raised you. Main characters in video games also develop the same feelings. There are also mothers who support their children.

For example, there are the mothers from the Pokémon series. They send their child out into the wide world, but always have a few tips ready, can heal Pokémon or save you money. That’s really caring. The same goes for the mother from the series “Cooking Mama”. With her amazing cooking skills, she teaches you nutritious recipes in a fun way. Perhaps only one mother in a game is concerned about her child’s well-being, like Cloud’s mother Claudia.

However, in video games there are not only birth mothers who take care of their children. In some role-playing games, parents die to give depth to some characters’ pasts. At these points, another female person comes forward and takes care of the upbringing. So she slips into the role of mother. But which character is the best mother or mother role in a video game from your point of view? Exactly to this Sunday question we want to know your answers today! Feel free to write them in the comments.

The results of the Sunday question of May 1

sunday question: Do you pre-order video games?

  • If there is enough information for the release, I will pre-order some of my games. 24.79% (29 votes)
  • I only pre-order limited editions. 23.08% (27 votes)
  • I usually buy after release, for example when they are discounted. 19.66% (23 votes)
  • For video game series I’ve known for many years, I can pre-order with confidence. 14.53% (17 votes)
  • I pre-order almost all my video games. 12.82% (15 votes)
  • I buy new video games the day they come out. 2.56% (3 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 2.56% (3 votes)

Total votes: 117

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