Yoshida and Takai once worked on Bloodborne-esque game

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Naoki Yoshida, Hiroshi Takai and Hiroshi Minagawa worked together on a game a while ago that has unfortunately been cancelled. Described as Bloodborne-esque, it was in the works before Bloodborne even existed.

According to Hiroshi Takai, who is now working as a director on Final Fantasy XVI, the game had similar weapons and a “gothic style” to Bloodborne. Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida, who also reportedly worked as a producer on the canceled game, says: “When I first saw Bloodborne, I was like, ‘Where have I seen this before?'”

But there would have been some differences, according to the translation of Eurogamer† So the new IP would have had “multiplayer elements”, which the three would rather compare to Evolve. An asymmetric multiplayer mode.

Yoshida said, “It was basically Bloodborne plus this system… If we’d kept going like this, we’d still be working on it now.” Adds Minagawa, “I really wonder how it would have turned out.”

This game is no secret, the RPG site has it all in one Feature on Hiroshi Takai unearthed in 2020. The information comes from Famitsu columns, which are now getting attention again because thanks to a fan translation in book-like shape collected appeared

Many suspect that the mobile game blood mask eventually becomes a remnant of that work by Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai. A then-planned console version of Bloodmasque never appeared.

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