Electronic Arts and FIFA go their separate ways

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There is hardly a more reliable ritual in the world of video games than Electronic Arts’ annual FIFA game. Especially in Europe, the top dog reliably dominates the annual lists. Starting next year, however, that will come to an end as Electronic Arts and FIFA end their 30-year partnership, which began in 1993.

It probably just changes the name

In concrete terms, this means that FIFA 23, the last title with the catchy name, will be available in the fall. From 2023, the football series will run under the name EA Sports FC Get on. It is important to note that the FIFA name was used independently of the other licenses. Basically, only the name may change without significantly affecting the content. First of all, however, FIFA 23 still has to be “the best of all time”, Electronic Arts promises. We will know how it goes with EA Sports FC in the summer of 2023.

Electronic Arts informs about the licenses as follows:

Together with our 300+ football licensing partners, we are ready to take the global football experience to a new level on behalf of all football fans around the world.

Everything you love about our games will be part of EA Sports FC – the same great experiences, modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and athletes will be there. Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football are all included. Our unique licensing offering of over 19,000 players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums and 30 leagues invested in for decades will continue to exist – only at EA Sports FC. This includes exclusive partnerships with the Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, MLS – and much more.

A divorce with an announcement

Electronic Arts announced last October that a name change to think about. Because a brand like FIFA games naturally involves a lot of money. if The New York Times reported:After negotiations between Electronic Arts and FIFA stalled, it was rumored that FIFA wanted to more than double the license fee for the name.

FIFA would have asked for more than a billion dollars over a four-year cycle. The partnership is now ending as the current 10-year contract expires. Electronic Arts, for its part, would have liked to license other things as well, such as highlights from real football matches, arena game tournaments, or digital goods like NFTs.

Whether FIFA plans to partner with another game developer in the future remains open. After all, with the separation of Electronic Arts, a lot of money is lost. Longtime competitor Konami had recently repositioned itself with eFootball and failed miserably in its first attempt. In addition, the new FIFA partner would have to do without Electronic Arts’ many licenses.

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