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505 Games also presents the launch trailer Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising† This adequately prepares us for the sidescrolling action RPG.

The once thriving city of New Nevaeh, on the continent of Allraan, is in a state of disrepair after a devastating earthquake. But all is not lost the earthquake has exposed ancient runic mounds deep beneath the earth. As the residents rebuild the city, adventurers from around the world gather to loot the ruins’ riches, including powerful artifacts called runic lenses. Here, three budding heroes embark on a journey that will have farreaching implications for the Eiyuden Chronicle universe.

A carefree and confident treasure hunter, CJ hopes to fulfill her initiation ritual by taking home loot worthy of her family name. Isha, a powerful sorceress and daughter of the missing mayor of New Nevaeh, wreaks havoc on scavengers to rebuild the city. Animal mercenary Garoo claims he’s only in it for the money, but secretly, his heart is as big as his punishing sword.

Each character has a unique fighting style to master: CJ can double jump over enemies, Isha can teleport and unleash an ice spell, while Garoo can fend off projectiles before countering with his massive sword. In addition, timebased combos, socalled link attacks, must be used to defeat the bosses.

Beasthaunted forests, mystical ruins, icy mountain peaks and other special locations must be explored. The graphic style of rising combines 3D environments, impressive sprites and handpainted enemies to give a better sense of depth. A nostalgic soundtrack underlines the lively appearance and makes Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising an action RPG for fans of classics and newcomers alike.

To help the residents of New Nevaeh, materials must be collected in dungeons. New weapons, armor, accessories and more can be unlocked by rebuilding shops in the city. Players can earn additional rewards that can be carried over to next year’s Hundred Heroes. Includes cosmetic items, valuable equipment, trade goods and more. the events in rising Get ready for the storyline and global adventure of Hundred Heroes. Eiyuden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC via Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. 505 Games also announced today that the game will also be released for Nintendo Switch.

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