Google allows you to save your “search history” for the translation service

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Google Translate will now be able to save users’ search history to their Google accounts and Android Police reports that Google Translate’s search history will be available “soon” only to users logged into their Google account.

The report also said that the new prompt now showing on Google Translate asks users to backup their translation search history to their Google account, manage activity logging, or continue using Translate without an account and users they can also access the app without an account temporarily. By clicking on the account avatar provided in the top right corner, users need to click the down arrow next to the account information to change it.

Users should also ensure that the Check web and app activity setting is enabled in their Google account settings if they want their search history to be synchronized with the cloud and that locally recorded histories remain up-to-date as their translation records. cloud synchronization are updated every few hours.

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