Rune Factory 5 announces its first sales milestone

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Marvelous has now also published its annual report. It follows that Runic Factory 5 500,000 copies have been sold for Nintendo Switch to date. This includes both digital sales and delivered physical items. The figures cover the period up to the end of March 2022.

Of course it would be exciting to know how much the western publication contributed here – the first days of localization still fall in the old fiscal year and were numbered. What is certain is that at least 128,000 copies have been physically sold in Japan by June 2021.

The new part of the series is making progress on many fronts, we discovered in our test. And remember: homosexual relationships are also possible!

In Rune Factory 5, players choose their main character from the characters Alice or Ares, with whom they embark on an adventure from the town of Rigbarth. The mission is to retrieve lost memories as a ranger of the peacekeeping force SEED.

Players explore dungeons and defeat monsters. In Rigbarth, players have the opportunity to cultivate fields and maintain relationships with various characters, as well as find happiness and peace in the city.

through gematsuArtwork: Rune Factory 5, AwesomeXSEED / Hakama

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