Nintendo on Future Partnership with Mobile Games Giant DeNA

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Things have gone quiet in the mobile corner of Nintendo. When Nintendo made the first mobile plans official a few years ago, they brought fear and terror to the fan base. In the end, everything was again not eaten as it was cooked.

After Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes, Mario Kart Tour and Co. it has become quieter. Pikmin Bloom was a gentle breeze at best. Investors may not like that, the mobile market is huge and lucrative.

That’s why the topic was already covered in Nintendo’s latest annual report. One investor suggested using external sources if you don’t have internal ones. Shuntaro Furukawa refused, because the brands were too important.

In the current annual report, an investor asked about the collaboration with DeNA. The partnership with DeNA ushered in Nintendo’s mobile venture years ago, and DeNA has contributed to many of Nintendo’s mobile games. DeNA recently sold some shares, but at the same time stated it was taking the company’s partnership to a “next level.”

“DeNA and Nintendo have built a strong and trusting relationship and we have worked together to develop mobile applications and online services around the Nintendo Account,” said Furukawa.

“We intend to further promote our collaboration,” explains Furukawa. While no further information can be provided today, both companies have learned a lot from the partnership over the past seven years and are looking to further strengthen the partnership.

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