Doug Bowser calls allegations “disturbing” in an internal email

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In recent weeks, various reports from former employees and part-time and contract employees at Nintendo of America have been the talk of the town. kotaku published an article in which some former employees made accusations. IGN also published a study afterwards.

The tenor: It can also be anything but a dream to work at Nintendo of America. Opposite to axios other former and current employees have since expressed their dismay. “I loved what I did. But I hated the way I was treated,” says a former employee named Ash.

Ash worked for several years at Nintendo’s Customer Center until 2015. “Every time” one had to fear layoffs, there were incredibly strict exemption rules. “I was told that if I went to his funeral, I wouldn’t have a job if I came back,” said Ash, whose grandfather died.

Just one of seven current and former employees’ stories that opened up, Axios said. They would tie in with reports from Kotaku and IGN. Short contracts of 10 or 11 months would have caused the company a lot of stress and resentment. These temporary employees have been renewed time and again, but have never been able to enjoy the benefits of full-time employment.

Nintendo of America has not yet commented publicly. However, according to Axios, there was an internal email from President Doug Bowser last Friday. Bowser calls many of the points in media reports about “alleged working conditions at Nintendo” “worrying” – the content would be “closely monitored”.

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