Sega looks back on a successful year and wants to be even more successful with remakes and remasters

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Sega looks back on a successful final fiscal year yield. Significant increases in sales and profits were recorded compared to the previous year. This is attributed to the recovered pachislot and pachinko business, a favorable tax situation and last but not least a strong performance in the gaming sector.

Ultimately, a turnover of approximately 2 billion euros resulted in an operating result of 48 million euros. In the coming financial year we want to continue to grow in all areas and the aim is to generate even more turnover and profit.

A “significant increase in new titles” should help, including new remakes and remasters of classic games. The upcoming Sonic Origins should fall into this category. But of course we haven’t forgotten that according to media reports, Sega is planning a reboot of Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.

Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi would be part of it the new “Super Game” strategy to be. Over a year ago, Sega presented official plans for what to do with old and unused brands: remasters, reboots and remakes. The strategy is therefore not new, but should soon bear fruit.

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