Which video games belong at every party?

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Today we are doing a few things differently in the Sunday issue. Not only are we looking for the best board games to visit at home and give you possible answers, you can also add your own answers. Other people can then vote for your answer option. At the same time, you can vote a total of four times. Let’s see what new video games are coming.

As mentioned at the beginning, today we are looking for the best video games that should not be missing at a party. Summer is just around the corner and in the meantime you can meet up with several people again. So it’s time to invite your friends and end your friendships at the same time. At least, if we look at some party games.

How about a round of Mario Kart or Smash Bros? These games always put your friendship to the test. And those whose friendship “survives” are welcome to sing, make music or dance together. Or how about a quiz night together to test your own knowledge and that of others? Fun guaranteed!

Privacy declaration: For our Sunday question we use the external service straw doll† straw bearing (Data protection) uses Googles among other things ReCaptchato exclude multiple votes. If you actively vote in the Sunday Questions, you are using the external service Strawpoll and sending data to Strawpoll.

The results of the question of Sunday 15 May

sunday question: Your first impression of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising?

  • I think Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is better than expected. 35.14% (26)
  • I haven’t played Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (yet). 33.78% (25)
  • For me the title is worse than expected. 13.51% (10)
  • The game is exactly what I imagined. 9.46% (7)
  • So far, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising hasn’t convinced me. 8.11% (6)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 0.00% (0)

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