Hideo Kojima would respond to statements by his friend Reedus

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This week Norman Reedus talked about a Death Stranding sequel – again, I have to say. Hideo Kojima has now supposedly responded to his friend’s statements and virtually asked him for a report. At least that’s how fans interpret his tweet

The post contains several images showing Kojima and Reedus together. The photos are old, but newly published and of course spicy in the context of Reedus’ statements. “Go to your private room, my friend,” Kojima writes. The footage shows Kojima alluding to “punishing” Reedus. The “private room” may also be an allusion to Death Stranding.

Or how do you interpret that?

“We’ve just started the second one,” Reedus said when asked about his current activities. He then explained to the magazine how the contact with Hideo Kojima came about.

Kojima Productions is satisfied with Death Stranding’s numbers. “Since Death Stranding is the first title developed by Kojima Productions, it has performed quite well from a sales perspective,” said Jay Boor, Head of Publishing. GamesIndustry cited. As early as June 2020, so over a year ago, Kojima Productions had called Death Stranding profitable. Kojima then also assured that new projects are already in the works.

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