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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is great, and when people say PlatinumGames action, they usually mean Metal Gear Rising. But the game is also ten years old. Why has Metal Gear Rising seen a 1000% increase in concurrent players in recent months?

The statistics website PlayTracker has: visualized the increase and identified memes as the cause. PlayTracker tracks activity across all platforms and has also seen an increase in gamers across all platforms. It is publicly available on Steam, thank you steamDB† But what? Yes, right, memes.

There are some memes related to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, for example based on the in-game character Senator Armstrongor the antagonist monsoonwhich is in the game itself monologues about memes holds. fanbytes has identified memes surrounding Jetstream Sam as the origin of its newfound popularity.

An image has surfaced online as part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which claims to show Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine Kuninori Matsuda in his samurai armor. independent fact checks This turned out not to be true, but of course the photo has already been shared countless times. And sometimes there was Comparison with Jetstream Sam – includes a game scene.

Another Jetstream Sam meme, albeit of a very different nature, was posted on reddit Voted more than 15,000 times in January 2022. The motive of Jetstream Sam scratching his chin has subsequently served as a popular meme on a number of occasions. Is that enough to bring Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance back into people’s minds? Evidently. Memes are shared thousands of times on social media resulting in hundreds of thousands of views.

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