The creators of Babylon’s Fall “rethink the future operation”

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Square Enix and PlatinumGames have closed long-planned Season 2 content The Fall of Babylon presented. It is also striking that the second season is unusually long. Until November 29 to be precise, it was initially awarded with an end date of August 29, 2022.

in a blog post the makers justify the longer duration of the second season. “We have received feedback from our players and believe that we need some time to reconsider the planned future operation of the game,” it said. The Babylon’s Fall launch disaster has been discussed often enough.

You could also say: let’s see how the second season goes. And then we’ll see how it goes. That is at least a broad interpretation. The second season should initially air as planned on May 31, 2022. One An overview of the new content can be found here

But you don’t want to draw a line just yet. They want to use the “additional three-month extension period to develop the next update,” it says. There will be no updates for the next three months, but players can continue to play.

“We are incredibly sorry to have to keep our players waiting like this. We hope you continue to play and enjoy Babylon’s Fall.”

Recently, the creators were belligerent, proudly announcing that Babylon’s Fall had doubled its content since launch. In March, it was announced that the first content for Season 3 was already in the planning.

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