Cross Worlds also opens its doors in the west today

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The beautiful world of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, which was previously only available in Japan and Asia, now opens its doors in the West. Visually, Netmarble’s mobile game can certainly draw attention to itself.

You can discover for yourself whether the game is also good. The app is of course free on the App Store and on Google Play available, so it’s not dangerous. By the way, there is a German translation!

Besides the beautiful graphics and the well-known sounds of Joe Hisaishi, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds also got off to a strong start. In the first eleven days, sales exceeded $100 million in only a few countries. That even eclipsed Pokémon GO and Genshin Impact.

Ni no Kuni – the two worlds

You are beta testers for the virtual reality game “Soul Diver”. As the game progresses you realize that the world of the game is real. After meeting a mysterious woman named Rania, you will learn about your mission. To fulfill these, it is necessary to face powerful enemies and rebuild the kingdom. Is it possible to save the two connected worlds from destruction?

How to play Cross Worlds

Battles take place in a real-time hack and slash system. The five character classes are swordsman, witch, technician, archer and destroyer. Players can take on the main quests, additional contracts, dungeons, mazes, bosses, defend the kingdom and tackle expeditions with acquaintances. There is much more information on the German website

The launch trailer:

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