The National Cyber ​​Security Authority launches the national portal for cyber security services “Haseen”

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The National Cybersecurity Authority has launched the national portal for cybersecurity services “Haseen” aimed at raising the level of cyber security in the Kingdom, improving the supply and management mechanism of cyber services and solutions, and supporting communication mechanisms for agencies national beneficiaries, in the presence of a group of government and private sector Excellencies at the Hilton Riyadh Hotel.

His Excellency the Governor of the National Cyber ​​Security Authority, Ing. Majid bin Muhammad Al Mazeed, during his speech at the launch ceremony of the “Haseen” portal, appreciated the great interest and support for the cybersecurity system in the Kingdom by of the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince, God keep them, who helped build the sector on both sides, also expressed his thanks and gratitude to His Excellency the Minister of State, Cabinet Member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Cyber ​​Security Authority, Dr. Musaed bin Muhammad Al-Aiban, and their Excellencies Board members The Authority provides ongoing support and enhancement to the cyber security system and its employees .

The National Cyber ​​Security Authority launches the national portal for cyber security services “Haseen”

His Excellency stressed that cybersecurity has become an essential ingredient to protect the Kingdom’s vital interests and sensitive infrastructure, and his industry is characterized by the rapid development of attack methods and the increase in their complexity, which requires countries to be in a state of constant availability and ability to deal with change in a flexible way to protect assets and property and neutralize the threat of attacks. support and guidance from His Highness the Crown Prince and based on the Kingdom Vision 2030 and its goals. Spending efficiency and development of local content in the sector.


The authority explained that the launch of the national portal for cybersecurity services “Haseen” is part of its efforts to protect national infrastructures according to a specific vision towards achieving a safe and reliable Saudi cyberspace, noting that the portal has been designed in a way that allows national authorities to carry out their cybersecurity tasks By improving the service delivery mechanism, automating operations and enhancing their experience by providing a unified portal to obtain emerging cybersecurity services and solutions , its services will target more than 400 national entities by the end of this year 2022.


The National Cyber ​​Security Authority has indicated that the portal, developed by the technical arm of the Authority, the Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE), allows the provision of advanced IT services that contribute to improving resilience against renewed cyber threats, improving spending efficiency among beneficiaries, and increasing their ability to detect and address gaps and weaknesses, and raising the level of commitment to regulations and legislation issued by the authority in accordance with international best practices.

The authority also indicated that the portal includes, in its first phase, 4 platforms, including “information sharing, compliance management, file and link review and email authentication”. The compliance management platform makes it possible to know and measure the level of compliance of national bodies with the cybersecurity requirements and controls issued by the authority, while the e-mail authentication platform works to immunize and authenticate e-mail domain names national agencies to protect them from plagiarism and unauthorized use, while file and link checking platform provides secure analytics Maintains files and links in an isolated environment and helps detect malware to reduce cyber intrusions.

The National Cybersecurity Authority is the competent cybersecurity authority in the Kingdom and the national reference in its The Kingdom affairs, encouraging innovation and investment in it, as well as authorizing individuals and non-governmental entities to engage in security IT – related activities and operations as determined by the Authority.

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