Twitter accepts Musk’s request for his fake account data

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The Washington Post reported that Twitter’s board of directors approved Elon Musk’s request for internal company data to clear up his suspicions about the number of fake accounts on the platform.

In an official document filed on the stock exchange on Monday, Tesla’s boss threatened to withdraw his bid to acquire the platform, which he considers “actively resisting” his requests for information about fake accounts and spam, which the company has rebutted.

An article published Wednesday by the US newspaper stated that Twitter’s board of directors is expected to provide the billionaire with “a torrent of data, including some 500 million tweets posted daily on the platform,” perhaps as of this week.

The Washington Post attributes its information to an anonymous source familiar with the negotiations. Twitter declined to comment on the article after AFP tried to contact him.

Elon Musk made an offer to buy the social network for $ 44 billion in April, after several developments, starting with the purchase of shares in the company, which surprised its shareholders, to the publication of several critical tweets on the platform.

In mid-May Musk announced the suspension of the previous agreement with the board of directors (before reconfirming the intention to buy the platform), questioning the validity of the data sent by Twitter on spam and fake accounts, and the measures taken to limit their spread.

A lawyer for the San Francisco-based company told employees Wednesday that the deal is still pending and that a shareholder vote to approve Musk’s acquisition of the platform would take place in late July or early August, he said. Bloomberg.

The purchase contract obliges the entrepreneur to complete the transaction, unless he can prove that the social network has deceived him or that an important event has changed its value.

The two parties have committed to pay compensation in the event of a termination of the contract by either of them, amounting to one billion dollars in certain circumstances.

Twitter claims that the number of fake and spam accounts is less than 5% of all registered accounts.

But Musk believes that the methodology adopted by the platform is not “appropriate” and that he should conduct his own “analysis”.

Analyst Dan Ives said in a tweet on Twitter that if the board of directors allowed Musk to access all the information, “this would end the great impasse.”

Twitter’s share price on the New York Stock Exchange was close to $ 40 on Wednesday, a far cry from the $ 54.20 the richest man in the world offered in April.

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