Hideo Kojima is working with Xbox on a game he’s always wanted to make

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Almost everything had been attributed to Hideo Kojima in recent months. Eventually two projects came out: a sequel to Death Stranding and the horror game Overdose. Both are still unofficial.

Hideo Kojima’s partnership with Xbox has been official since today. The creator of Metal Gear Solid lent his face to the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, at the end of a small series of announcements from Japanese studios. Which are still very important, as Phil Spencer pointed out.

Hideo Kojima chatted a bit and ended up not revealing anything. Kojima is working on a brand new game that will leverage the company’s cloud technology. Those rumors were there – in the spring of 2021.

The new game is a “completely new game” and the game that Kojima “always wanted to make”. Something that ‘no one has ever experienced or seen before’. “I’ve waited a long time for the day when I could finally develop it,” Kojima said in the statement.

“Thanks to Microsoft’s advanced cloud technology and the industry turnaround, it has now become possible for me to rise to the challenge of developing this unprecedented concept,” said Kojima.

However, we may not see the game anytime soon, and if we do, it may be an Xbox exclusive. There was no question, but the game is being developed together with Xbox Game Studios. “It may take a while, but I’m excited to be working with Xbox Game Studios and hope to bring you some exciting news in the future!”

Is this game an overdose? It doesn’t sound like that.

Xbox says it officially: “We are announcing a partnership between Xbox Game Studios and Kojima Productions. Together, we’re developing a video game for Xbox like no one has ever experienced or seen – a game that harnesses the power of the cloud. Hideo Kojima is one of the most innovative and creative minds in our industry and we can’t wait to see what our teams will create together.”

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